• How would you like to move around your city?

    I support bikes and public transit to move people

    and reducing car-traffic, while

    transitioning to electric mobility to clean our skies and lungs

  • What is I e-Bike

    I e-Bike is my vision for people in our communities to move by foot

    around our public space and streets

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    We have to take the streets back! to walk, bike, skate, or scoot. We can use our feet for going to nearby activities: work, shop, school. There is no need to use polluting and isolating cars. For longer distance trips we have to share our rides in buses and trains. And all of that should and can be powered by electricity.

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    Moving around cities: Pedestrians, cyclists and scooters first!

    Public space is limited in our cities and the most optimal and healthy way to move around is using our feet.

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    and second: good public transportation!

    Simply, buses and trains move people at the volume and speed that are needed in our large metropolis.

  • What is e-Mobility

    Clean electricity powering bikes, scooters, buses, trains and more!

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    Imagine no smog-spewing exhausts!


    Buses, trains, ships, bikes, motorbikes can be moved by electricity. And the electricity can be generated by renewable sources.The technology is available and countries, cities & companies are committing to deploy clean electric mobility.


    We need to accelerate e-Mobility and here is where you matter!

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    Who is working on e-Mobility?

    There are various coalitions among governments and business promoting e-mobility, e-bikes, and sustainable transport around the world. Here are some links with more information:

    • The Transport Decarbonization Alliance (TDA)  
    • The Climate Group' EV100 
    • C40's Green and Healthy Streets (Fossil Fuel Free Streets)
    • The Zero Emissions Vehicle Alliance (ZEVA)
    • New Urban Mobility Alliance (NUMO) 
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    And on sustainable transport and bikes?

      There are organizations dedicated to promote sustainable urban mobility and the use biking and walking globally:
      • The Sustainable and Low Transport Partnerhship (SLoCaT)
      • Walk21 
      • World Resources Institute (WRICities)
      • Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)
      • The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
      And many more local organizations (please send me more information of your own city/region/country) here some examples:
    • Who wants to e-Bike

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      Margarita Parra

      Margarita is a car-free cities lover, cycling fanatic, coffee addict and a Colombian. She is trained as an environmental engineer and has been working internationally in the field of sustainable transportation to reduce local pollution and global carbon emissions.


      For her dedication and two decades of work, Margarita was highlighted as part of 50 global change makers in the Remarkable Women in Transport publication from Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) in 2020.



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      Currently Margarita is a strategy consultant with organizations that align with her vision to bring bikes, public transit and electric mobility in our communities. She is also member of the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition and the Redwood City Transportation Advisory Committee.


      Margarita worked for 8 years with the Hewlett Foundation managing the low carbon transport portfolio as part of their Climate Initiative. As Program Officer she developed strategies to promote clean energy and sustainable transport solutions to reduce pollution in cities in Latin America, China, India, and United States.


      In her free time she bikes everywhere in Redwood City with her husband and 8-year-old daughter, and wants others to join her, come along!

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      Why I do care about this?

      We are in a climate crisis and we need to change our habits! Cycling and walking are fun and healthy, we just have to do more of it. If our community doesn't have good public transit, we have to work towards getting it! In the meantime, we have to share rides and eliminate one-passenger car trips, to make an impact in our planet.